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Papers Submission Open for Volume-20 Issue-I, 2021

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1.Read JISPS's advice on submission requirements including author declarations and manuscript files.

2.Find out how JISPS's Data Sharing Service can help your authors comply with funder requests to share data.
3.Get advice on managing revisions and returning an unsubmitted manuscript to an author
4.Failure to adhere to these criteria will result in the rejection of the article by the editorial team. 5.All figures provided are of high resolution, preferably 300dpi 6.References should be either API or IEEE format
7.Citation should be matched. 8.The manuscript submission should be in Microsoft word only. 9.Manuscript should be written in using Times New Roman / Arial and font, 12.
Manuscript submitted to JISPS should conform to the guidelines indicat
1. Title 2. Abstract 3. Keywords
4. Introduction 5. Review of Literature or Background work 6. Research methods
7. Results and Discussion
8. Conclusion
9. Acknowledgements &
10. References
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